What if we could create a living environment that would inspire growth to a new level? Student housing is located approximately one mile from the HMC campus ensuring easy and safe driving. Most students live in a 2-bedroom unit with 4 roommates total. Room and board is not included in overall tuition (estimated at $1,900/year). This includes a food stipend which students will receive bi-monthly. 

Housing Scholarship:

Home Openers are dedicated individuals of our church who have opened their home to students. The home openers’ responsibility is to provide room and meals in order to help minimize the student’s housing costs. They are NOT responsible for transportation, car insurance, health insurance, personal items, etc. These home openers go through an interview screening and matching process to help ensure that students are in an encouraging environment. Space is limited upon availability. Home openers are considered a scholarship (subject to application and acceptance). If you are interested in a home opener, please contact our office. Click here for more information regarding scholarships.