hmc payments & refunds policy

All HMC fee payments are due on the first day of HMC unless you have made other financial payment plans with the Heartland Office. HMC fee payments can be paid online at or via check. We ask that all checks be made out to “River of Life Church” with Heartland in the memo. All payments must be in United States currency. If you send payments prior to the first day of HMC we will save them to your account. Regarding refunds, an adjustment to the Heartland account will be made when a student withdraws from Heartland with proper approval. Proper approval constitutes a joint agreement between student and Director that the student must leave the program because of personal hardship. Expulsion because of disciplinary problems will not be considered grounds for refund. In order to secure proper approval the student and Director must complete an official withdrawal form at the time he/she is leaving the program.  Withdrawal forms are available at the Heartland Office.  Refunds will not be made until the Heartland Office gives the Church Business Office a copy of the completed withdrawal form.  Refunds will be allowed on tuition on a prorated basis up to 60 days from the start up date.  This will be computed from the first day of orientation.  After 60 days, no refund of tuition will be allowed. If after 60 days a student leaves the program on their own initiative or is dismissed they are required to pay the remaining balance in full.