heartland tracks



Along with high-quality education, we value hands-on training

Heartland's track program helps bridge the gap between what you learn in the classroom and what you experience in real life. During your time at Heartland, you will have the opportunity to choose one track and one sub-track focus at a time. Students may participate in more than one at a time depending on student interest, staff availability, and calendar flexibility.

Main tracks meet once or more a week and consist of youthkids, and worship/creative

Sub-tracks meet bi-weekly and consist of missionsmarketing, and technical production.


  • youth track

    Students work closely with our youth pastors Kyle Curran and Dillon Patterson to learn how to creatively do effective rural youth ministry. Students are involved in service planning meetings, leadership team, production, hospitality, media creation, life groups, worship and speaking opportunities. 

  • kids track

    Students work closely with our kids pastors Mark Eskew and Marissa Lund to learn how to develop a successful kids experience in a rural setting. Students are involved in teaching kids from birth to 6th grade. This is includes learning how to plan kids lessons, creating set designs, interactive worship experiences, and facilitating life groups. 

  • creative arts track

    Students work closely with our worship pastor Derrick Benoit and learn a wide variety of skills while learning the heart behind worship and production. Students will have opportunities to be a part of our worship teams, film editing, graphic design, photography, service production, and audio/visual.   


  • missions sub-track

    Students work closely with our connections pastor and missions director Gabe Thomas to learn about missions and (if interested) prepare for missionary work. Students will learn about world religions and cultures, understand the process of becoming a missionary, and take steps towards full-time missions.

  • marketing sub-track

    Students work closely with our marketing advisor Brynn Sauer to learn about church marketing and grow in skills of specific interest to them. Students will help with promotional projects and brainstorming, as well as have opportunities to grow in graphic design, event planning, and market research.


    Students work closely with our tech director Andy Norris to become skilled in areas related to the technical production of live services. Students will get experience in programming lights, mixing audio, managing livestreams, etc.