intensive discipleship

grow deeper in your relationship with christ

In addition to classes, students will read classic and contemporary Christian literature, engage in class discussions with fellow students and Heartland staff, and hear lectures from members of River of Life as well as surrounding ministry workers and community leaders. In addition, you experience a greater love for Jesus and His Church through the life-changing conferences, dynamic weekly services, personal Scripture study, and chapels at Heartland.


"A great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position.” 

 - John Maxwell

Leadership is more than just a buzz word. Effective leadership is essential for life. As people grow, a successful outcome is less about what obstacles people face and more how they react.

Experience is highly valued. At HMC you will experience specialized leadership training from area businessmen, youth pastors, qualified entrepreneurs, church planters, and other successful individuals who share practical truths they have learned along their journey. Students will also be involved in various team-building exercises.   

Lastly, students will attend weekly accountability with fellow students and be involved in student-led worship along with their daily devotions.

full circle discipleship

We believe in a full circle discipleship at Heartland. 


While students are able to develop their mind through education and their spiritual life through daily devotions. Heartland has an onsite fitness center that is private to students and staff use only. This gym is fully equipped and ready to use during a student's free time.