heartland track focus

impact people and be impacted

Track summary

Heartland students are given the opportunity to choose a track focus. These ministry tracks will offer

hands on experience and one on one mentorship from Track Advisors in the areas of youth, kids, and creative arts.

  • youth track

    Students work closely with our youth pastor Kyle Curran, to learn how to creatively do effective rural youth ministry. Heartland students are involved in service planning meetings, leadership team, production, hospitality, media creation, life groups, worship and speaking opportunities. 

  • kids track

    Students work closely with our kids pastor Mark Eskew, to learn how to develop a successful kids experience in a rural setting. Heartland students are involved in teaching kids from birth to 6th grade. This is includes learning how to plan kids lessons, creating set designs, interactive worship experiences, and facilitating life groups. 

  • creative arts track

    Students work closely with our worship pastor Derrick Benoit and our media/marketing director Ashley Benoit. Heartland students learn a wide variety of skills while learning the heart behind worship and production. Students will have opportunities to be a part of our worship teams, film editing, graphic design, photography, service production, and audio/visual.   

Impact People and Be Impacted.

Jesus once summarized the entire Bible in one great sentence, "Love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength; and love your neighbor as yourself."  Many times as Christians we try our hardest to just love GOD. But Jesus explains, that's just not enough and only half the equation. Jesus calls us to love our NEIGHBORS as well. He commands all Christians to pour their hearts into others.

One of the greatest accomplishments someone can have is to leave an imprint on another person; to have influence and to show someone the freedom available in Christ is the best life one could imagine.

At HMC, we want you to influence a culture for Christ through student ministry, unique outreach, worship, church planting, road trips, community work and much, much more!  

The ministry possibilities are endless.