Letter to the parents

Dear Parent/Pastor,

We are so excited that your student has shown interest in Heartland. You are probably aware of the frightening statistic that 80% of teenagers who graduate from youth ministries will walk away from their relationship with Christ in the first two years out of high school. I believe that nine months of devotion and sacrifice for God can greatly influence the life trajectory of young adults as well as solidify their personal faith walk. For this reason, I want to take a minute and explain the great opportunities found at Heartland Ministry + College and help answer any questions you may have as you help your student take their next step in life. 

What is Heartland?

Heartland is an intensive discipleship training program for young adults seeking a “hands-on” ministry experience. This includes opportunities in the areas of:

  • Youth and Children’s Ministries
  • Worship and Tech
  • Video and Graphic Arts
  • Outreach and Evangelism
  • Administrative Competencies
  • and much more!

What type of education will my student receive?

Heartland has created an incredible partnership in which students receive transferable college credit.

Students who attend Heartland will:

  • Classes are transferable to other colleges and universities. College is becoming more and more expensive. We want to offer an affordable option for students considering pursuing a degree someday. 
  • Utilize cutting edge technology in classes and in communication with professors. 
  • Acquire discipleship knowledge as well as specific ministerial skills and learn from people presently working in the field.  

What will my student experience?

Students are challenged to deepen their faith, sharpen their character, and develop their ministry skills. A typical day at Heartland includes:

  • Corporate Worship
  • Personal Devotional and Prayer Time
  • Educational and Life Experience Classes
  • Ministry Practicum
  • Scripture Study  

What is the cost of the program?

Below is a listing of what is included in tuition:

  • 18 Accredited and Transferable Credits (if a student were to transfer into North Central University or another Assembly of God college, they will have the opportunity to earn additional credits through their advanced standing program. Schools like NCU give credit to a student due to the fact they attended Heartland. Nevertheless, classes are transferable to other secular schools as well. Transfer credit is always at the discretion of the intaking college.) 
  • Academic Books, Supplies, Traveling and Trips (excluding missions trip)
  • New Apple iPad (students can upgrade to a Macbook Air laptop)
  • Room & Board is an additional $2,500/year (see housing)

Again, we are honored that you are considering Heartland as a next step for your student. I would be happy to answer any additional questions. Please browse through our website or contact me. I look forward to hearing from you!

Brynn Sauer

Academic & Admissions Liaison

P.S. I know this is a lot of information. Feel free to email (brynn@heartlandmc.com) or call me directly (320.597.7777) and ask questions. I have been doing this for awhile and I want to help you make the best informed decision!