We want to help you. In an effort to provide every student with the ability to attend Heartland, we are proud to offer students our scholarship program. Availability is limited, so the earlier you apply, the better your chances on receiving a scholarship!

  • The link to the HMC scholarship application is at the bottom of this page.
  • Due date for scholarships is July 1st unless otherwise stated.


Do you love writing, recording, or playing music? Do you enjoy video, graphics, or photography? Are you an artist?  

"I have filled him with the Spirit of God, in wisdom, in understanding, in knowledge... to design artistic works..."  Exodus 31:3-4

God creates. We serve a creative God and, as people designed in His image, He has given us the ability to be creative as well.


Send in a 2 minute video showing off your gift! Make yourself STAND OUT because we are choosing one talented entry for $1,000 toward your tuition. If you are having trouble sending us a large file, please email us at contact@heartlandmc.com.


It’s time for your high school GPA to pay off. Students who have received the following GPA levels may be awarded an academic scholarship (limited availability): 

$500 for 3.5 or above

$750 for 4.0

Requirements: Submit scholarship application and provide high school transcript with up-to-date GPA.

HOUSING SCHOLARSHIP  (only available to 2nd & 3rd year students)

Home openers are dedicated individuals of our church who have opened their home to students. The home openers’ responsibility is to provide room and meals in order to help minimize the student’s housing costs. They are NOT responsible for transportation, car insurance, health insurance, personal items, etc. 

These home openers go through an interview, screening, and matching process to help ensure that students are in an encouraging environment. Space is limited based on availability. Home openers are considered a scholarship (subject to application and acceptance). If you would like more information, please call our office.


Students who are accepted with their deposit in before January 1st (prior to the August they plan on coming) will receive a $500 early acceptance scholarship off their fall enrollment year unless a different scholarship is received for a higher amount.


Description: Students who are dependents of full-time missionaries or full-time pastors are eligible to receive a $750 scholarship. This scholarship is offered to the children of pastors or missionaries currently serving in full-time ministry. 

Requirements: Submit scholarship application and provide credentials to verify that parent(s) are active pastors.


Students from the same immediate family enrolled in current year are eligible to receive a $500/student scholarship.


You did an amazing job at fine arts and we would like to reward you for it. Only one Fine Arts scholarship can be submitted from the following categories: drama solo, human video solo, male/female vocal solo, instrumental solo, keyboard solo, song writing, short sermon, art (photography, graphic design). 

District Superior - $250

District Superior w/ Invitation - $500

District Merit - $750

National Superior - $750

National Superior w/ Honors - $1,000

National Merit - $1,500

Requirements: Submit scholarship application and provide proof of award.