When is the best time to apply?

We accept applications year-round. You can apply online or download an application on this site, just click here for more information.

When does a typical year start and end? 

The Heartland year starts in September (Labor day weekend) and ends the third week of May. 

What can I do with my Ecclesia College credits? 

Ecclesia is accredited by The Association for Biblical Higher Education which is recognized by the U. S. Department of Education and Council for Higher Education Accreditation, meaning credits are transferable to other universities and colleges (for example, North Central University, Evangel University, University of Minnesota, Technical and Business Colleges, etc.). Or, students can continue to pursue their undergraduate degree through Ecclesia College's distance education program. 

Do I need health insurance? 

Yes. Each student must show proof of health coverage. Heartland is not responsible for medical expenses incurred throughout the school year. 

What do I need to bring? 

Upon admittance to the program, we will send you an acceptance folder that includes general information about the year and what to bring. 

Will I need a vehicle? 

The students will be required to do some daily traveling to and from campus as well as to other ministry locations. A good running car will be essential (or highly recommended). If you are unable to acquire a vehicle, please contact our office. 

Can I work while attending HMC? 

A student's commitment at Heartland will always come first. Although, there might be some opportunities within a student's personal time after school days to work. A student's work schedule does need to be flexible and not conflict with their Heartland schedule. 

Do I need to have all my money on registration day? 

Not necessarily. Please contact our office to set up a payment plan if you are unable to pay in full on registration day. 

Is a high school diploma required? 

Yes. At HMC, we place a high priority on education. Therefore, we require each applicant to have at least a high school diploma or GED. 

How long does it take for the application process? 

We take applications VERY seriously. After receiving your full application, HMC will set up a phone interview. Once this is completed and the application materials are in, we will prayerfully strive to understand God's will for your future regarding HMC. Within a few weeks you will receive a notification. 

What are you looking for in a prospective student? 

We are looking for a student who wants to seek God wholeheartedly by sacrificing their time to His service. It is less about perfection or ability and more about one's heart. 

Do you have financial aid? 

Financial Aid is available through HMC students enrollment in Ecclesia College. This means you can fill out your FAFSA and potentially receive Pell grants or loans to assist in the cost of tuition. Please contact Dillon in our main office at 320.597.7777 for more information. 

Do all students get to travel on a missions trip? 

Yes. We believe that traveling on a missions trip is an irreplaceable aspect of the student's experience. All students are required to go on a missions trip each year. For the traditional track, cost is not included in overall tuition and destinations are determined by the HMC Missions Department. 

Are there any breaks during the nine-month period? 

Yes. There is a break at Thanksgiving and an extended break during Christmas. Dates will be outlined in your acceptance packet. 

What is provided in the dorms?

Items that will be supplied for you by HMC:

  • Single bed
  • Closet space
  • Washer and dryer facilities (coin-operated)
  • Kitchen supplies (i.e., dishes, flatware, glasses, cooking utensils, etc.) 
  • Kitchen appliances (refrigerator, stove/oven, microwave, dishwasher)
  • Dining table and living room furniture

Is tuition tax-deductible? 

Ecclesia participates in Title IV government programs, therefore the school can issue 1098 forms for tax credit on student’s tuition paid to Ecclesia. 

HMC, however, is an education-based nonprofit program and therefore, according to the IRS and many accountants with whom we've checked, our portion of student tuition is not a tax-deductible expense.